Le bouquet local flourishes your wedding with local flowers and events in due respect with nature and seasons.

Le bouquet local is born form a willingness to flourish without polluante, to benefit from the best nature has to offer without damaging.

Decorating without over-making it, with simplicity and poetry. Our challenge is to come back to discovering wildflowers and promote shorts circuits, local producers as everyone able to furnish local cut flowers.

If you wish to benefit for our know-how in order to flourish your wedding or your event, don’t heist to contact us via I take care of the whole wedding or to join our pages pinterest, instagram and/or facebook !

Bouquets that looks like you !

Every bouquet we create is inspired from nature. For each mariage we flourish, we search for the most beautiful local flowers at this time of the year in the fields, with our local producers as in the gardens of our friends. Our bouquets mix wildflowers, garden flowers and cultivated flowers in order to offer you natural, perfumed and fresh bouquets.

Because our bouquet vary with seasons, climate, and geography, we need to understand precisely what your attracts you and what you really like in a bouquet. This is why we do take our time to meet and share about your project, expectations and personality.

Because there may be no lupin the day of your wedding but we may find delphiniums. Because you may have a favorite flower and we will do everything we can to find it. Because a bride bouquet have to reflect a personality, a spirit and an atmosphere. Because each bouquet is unique. Because you trust us and we want to be worthy of this confidence.

Local flowers cut on demand

Did you know that plenty of cut flowers are thrown away? In order to avoid this waste, le Bouquet local uses a local resource which is collected on demand only for our needs.

Flowers and foliage are gathered in a natural way. Our work is in constant evolution as nature always changes. In the same way, we try to always innovate and improve our technics and ideas.

Take care of Earth

At le Bouquet local, we try to take care of our planet. Locally cut flowers enable us to avoid plastic packaging and to reduce water consumption.

Our bouquets are delivered in recycled hessian form coffee packaging or directly placed into vases.

Short circuits

At Bloomette, le Bouquet local we valorise local producers and short circuits. Because we do have on France plenty of local producers and passionated gardeners who are willing to let other people benefit of it.

Because we try to fight waste and massive importation of flowers cultivated in countries where drinking water is sometimes missing.

Because we made the choice of flowers which are not commercially perfect but perfect for their unicity, which won’t last 15 days but will captivate your senses with their perfume, which won’t be available during the whole year but will be there on time just for your wedding.