Not just a wedding. your wedding !

Dear visitors, as you took some of your time to find me and read this, I assume we do share some common values including a deep love for flowers. Which means we should also understood each other.

In order to settle a wedding (or other) project together, it would be kind to contact me by email. In the meanwhile, here are some frequently asked questions which I answered to for you to know me and the way I work better…

What can we do for you ? At le Bouquet local, we florish you wedding with passion and as a unique event entirely customised for you.  Who you are, what you love, your sensitivity and mother nature guide our creativity in order to build a floral setting which matches your expectations. From local and seasonal flowers, in a « garden » style very bucolic and natural, we imagine each and every foral element needed for you : arch, centerpiece, floral alley,  broches, headcrown and, of course, the bride’s bouquet.

How do we choose local flowers ? Local flowers allow plenty of diversity. For a wedding, which matters is for the flowers to be beautiful at the time of the celebration which means we can use varieties that do not last more than a week but which have a real soul and/or amazing perfume. As a counterparty, we will have no peony in september… but may find nice old garden english roses instead. We think the point is about how people feel about a bouquet or a creation. From what you love, we spot and select flowers just for you.

What if we are unable to find local flowers at the time of the wedding ? Honestly, this never happened ! Wedding season goes at the same time as flowers, branches et greeneries. We work with different local producers in order to be sure to find what we are looking for, when we are looking for it.

What about the price ? In order to arrange for a whole wedding, including decoration, celebration, reception, procession, I advice you to plan a minimum of 1100 euros. If you don’t have this kind of budget, you can still write to me and we’ll see what we can do…

What about implementation ?I take in charge everything that happens before the wedding which means I do deliver and place all wedding arrangements. When I take care of the whole wedding and the wedding takes place around Dinard, this is included. After the wedding, you will either bring me the vases and other installations back in order to reduce the costs or to take care of it myself.

Do you have photos of your work ? Here are some photos of my work. All those bouquets, crowns, and other floral arrangements are made with local flowers with the willingness of offering a fresh and natural spirit. Each bouquet and atmosphere is personalized for the bride and the groom. We also take care about respecting the place where the wedding takes place, wether it is le Manoir de la Mare, le Manoir de Miniac-Morvan, la Motte-Beaumanoir or les Ormes. Sometimes, it almost looks like flowers have been cut in the garden of the manor.